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By Excess Hollywood | September 12, 2007

They say all good things must come to an end. They are right. I wish that weren’t true, but sometimes you can’t stop a tsunami, you know?

I’ve been writing “”Excess Hollywood” on a weekly basis for quite some time now. I’ve often thought I’ve written everything I need to write, but that’s not entirely true. I always seem to have some opinion on some subject. Unfortunately, what I no longer have is time or the mental energy.

I’m finishing up another manuscript, I’m struggling with the idea of a book signing, and I’ve got family problems that I won’t go into because I respect everyone’s privacy. Something’s got to give, and while I’ve ridden my bike (I bike to work most days) into traffic enough times to make me think I have a serious death wish, I think it’s much saner to put “”Excess Hollywood” on hiatus while I sort out all the s**t into neat little piles to be disposed of properly.

I will still do film reviews and the occasional interview for Film Threat, and my writing will continue to appear other places, but a weekly (or even biweekly) column can’t be in the picture right now … at least not at the level I want it to be at.

I don’t think I’ve changed anything with this column. The ratings board still destroys art and dumbs down America. Ticket prices haven’t changed for blockbusters. People’s taste in movies is still pretty poor. (It may have gotten worse.) I did make a lot of friends (and enemies), though. People who are passionate about movies and culture in general. In some strange way, that means more to me than killing off the MPAA (though I would love to be the catalyst behind that).

“”Excess Hollywood” says good-bye … for now. My name will still be around. My reviews will still be here. And I hope enough of you care to follow the other stuff I write. Now if any of you happen to be a publisher looking for a very twisted horror manuscript, give me a shout at

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Excess Hollywood says:

    I appreciate all the kind words. I haven’t left Film Threat (can’t see that happening, as it is far too fun), but I had to put the column on hiatus. It may be back, but I have to deal with too much personal and professional stuff at the moment to devote the time to it that I feel is necessary..

    The crazy thing? Since I stopped writing it I’ve come up with about eight great columns. Irony or torture? Depends on if you believe in God.

    When and if it comes back, I will make an public proclamation of some sort, and the lawyers will dust off their briefcases, because when (and if) it returns it will be even more blistering than before.

    See you in the reviews.

  2. Felix Vasquez says:

    That’s sad to hear.

    You’re one of the two reasons I was so anxious to write for Film Threat, because I utterly loved your rants, criticisms and vicious dissection, and I hoped to follow in your vein.

    I think your article series is one of the best I’ve ever read next to Bootleg Files, and you’re definitely one of my favorite FT writers.

    I will miss your column. Good luck to you.

  3. Mark Bell says:

    I’m going to miss reading the column every week, most definitely. Good luck taking care of the matters that need to be sorted and remember that the door is always open, Doug, when and if you feel you can bring Excess Hollywood back.

  4. Nathaniel says:

    I always enjoy reading your columns. I hate to see you go.

  5. Michael Ferraro says:

    You will be missed good sir.


  6. Jeremy Knox says:

    One of the best, and one of my favorite, Film Threat writers exits. You will be missed.

  7. Will H. says:

    I’m sorry to hear this, I always enjoyed reading your column. I may not have agreed with everything you say, but you did always make me laugh and think. You can’t ask too much more than that. Anyway, I wish you well. Take care.

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