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By Jeremy Knox | July 17, 2007

Five guys are playing poker. No wait… one’s missing. It’s Ken, he’s late. Ken’s always late. It’s a shame too because the new guy Brian is there and everyone just wants to play poker. So they trash talk about the missing guy for a bit, telling stories and BS’ing, until the man in question finally arrives… dragging a woman’s dead body?

Oh dear. Seems Ken is a hobbyist in the field of serial killing. A little bit of trivia the other guys forgot to tell Brian. Ken tosses the body on the floor and sits down. Let’s play some poker!

Rob G. Kahn, who plays Brian, is about 90% of the reason I couldn’t stop laughing as I watched this. His increasingly incredulous and agitated reactions to all the horrible things Ken says and does, while no one else in the room seems to mind or care, are priceless.

Kahn’s not alone though, every single performance in this short is spot on. Sam Lloyd as Ken plays the psychotic character like that boring accountant type we all know who’s incapable of making something like serial killing sound exciting as he recounts his day. All the other guys round the table also contribute immensely in their role of straight men as they carry on with the poker game no matter what occurs.

Remember the best and funniest Monthy Python skit you can think of, make it twice as good in your head, and you’ll understand why I’m still laughing as I write this review for “The Fifth.”

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