By Admin | May 5, 1997

Divine Milla Jovovich is the 5th element “supreme being” the world needs to survive. This is the only thing I found believable in this whole movie. See there’s this big ball of evil traveling toward Earth and…you get the idea. The story is such a cut-rate kid’s sci-fi fairy tale that at one point Evil actually calls Gary Oldman on the phone (and it isn’t played for laughs).
Chris Tucker plays an even more annoying version of RuPaul meets Dennis Rodman. This has got to be the most grating character I have ever seen on the screen . Luc, you still have a week to release it; digitally remove every scene Tucker’s in. The rest of the actor’s do a fine job considering they’re working with nothing but dazzling special effects to back them up.
The 5th Element, to me, is just a showcase for what can be done in the Star Wars prequels as well (as well as a showcase for Milla Jovovich’s gorgeousness). This made it interesting enough to sit through but I found myself thinking this stuff will be great when there’s a story and characters we believe in and care about. If you are going to see it, see it on the big screen.

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