By Rory L. Aronsky | January 22, 2005

“Ambiguous intentions” and “engineered terror” are two phrases dropped in the narration for “The Fair”, slip-sliding between pretentiousness, rhyming, and plain description of the fair profiled here, full of rides, games, greasy food, pig racing, a baby contest, and a museum of oddities, which isn’t that odd at all, despite the proclamations of the Armadillo Pig residing there.

Computer editing looks like it’s still being learned by Jason Rayles, as well as style, in which there isn’t a firm grasp. Many of the photos in here, some merely blurry and some of the ground, seem to have been put in only for the sake of the content, and many of them aren’t allowed enough time to settle, especially those of the posters advertising freaks of various kinds. The narration is a big problem, almost somnambulistic, kind of like a suspect in a police station slowly stating his case before claiming that he’s not guilty. This doesn’t feel like a fair, so much as being led through someone’s picture files on a computer.

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