By Admin | December 6, 1999

File this one under hot lesbo sex-action. Yet another Blair Witch spoof, this one follows some of the same conventions of Blair Witch but deviates ever so slightly by throwing in numerous sex scenes and leaving out the scary suspense element.
Three college coeds go into the woods of Bacchusville, New Jersey, in search of the mythical Erotic Witch, two weeks later only this tape was found. As Darian (Darian Cane), Katie (Katie Keane) and Victoria (Victoria Vega) begin their quest to document the Erotic Witch, they interview a freak show local residents. Each of the animated and creepy townsfolk they speak to relate a story of going into the woods and becoming highly sexually charged. Of course the girls trek into the woods, loose the map, fight and encounter something unexplained. Basically if you’ve seen Blair Witch, you can pretty much just fast forward to the sex scenes at this point. The girls loose their clothes, wander around nude, and a series of solo, coupled and group sexual encounters occur amongst our busty coeds. Their fate is sort of left up in the air as there’s never in any danger, just lots of sex. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention there’s a h***y escaped gorilla on the loose in the woods, but he poses no danger to our intrepid filmmakers, though he does have sex with a blow up doll.
Perhaps too hot for cable and not quite porn, The Erotic Witch Project is certainly unique. The film is actually interesting for the first half-hour, then just drops off into, or up depending on your point of view, sex in the woods.

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