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By Chris Gore | March 22, 2001

First, let me get my feelings about “The Electric Heartbreaker” straight – I f*****g love this movie! This is going on my list of my all-time favorite short films. The story involves John who makes his own electronic music using toy instruments that he calls Musi-Data. Rejecting the conventional venues for playing his music, he shows up at his sister’s work to play the lobby. It’s there that he meets Chris, (also a co-creator of the film) this goofy-looking guy has the strangest look since Marty Feldman left this mortal coil. He performs quirky dance routines that reflect the very music that John plays. Chris proclaims John a genius and the two form a bond as a music making duo. They philosophize about music, work on new tunes and even talk about places to play. They don’t want to play traditional venues for music like concert halls and coffee houses, but plan to tour gas stations, workplaces and grocery stores. They build up a routine that will lead to their ultimate show which they plan to perform on the roof of a supermarket. The film ends tragically but the music must play on. This movie isn’t about the surface elements, it’s not really about the music, it’s about a rejection of the conventional, the traditional everything mainstream. I love it! The result is just damn funny – but a sense of humor that is not going to appeal to everyone. In fact, “The Electric Heartbreaker” is one of those films that I would use as a litmus test – if you like this film, then you and I have the same sense of humor and we can be friends. If you don’t like it, then f**k you.

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