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By Doug Brunell | October 7, 2009

Screenwriter Jennifer Scharf plays Jenna, one of a trio of friends whose life is not turning out quite like she had planned. She thinks she has cancer, tries to take singing and dance lessons, and can’t seem to find love. The stock character quirks don’t end there, either. Her friends are equally cookie-cutter – one is an heiress, the other is a drunk who finds adventure in rehab.

This movie bills itself as “an intoxicating comedy.” Unfortunately, the tagline was the only indication I had that this was supposed to be funny. It features the same old situations we’ve seen in every other “dramadey” (one woman looks for love on the Internet, they criticize wine in a box, etc.), and none are even handled in anything resembling an original manner. The actors can’t bring any life to the cardboard roles. They not only lack the skills, but they try too hard. It’s a combination that leaves viewers very uneasy, not what the film intends. (To be fair, the mood of the film is set early on. As the opening credits role, a woman belts the blues. I knew then I was in trouble by then, but continued anyway because it is my job.)

Scharf is better off playing a supporting role in someone else’s movie. She should stop herself from scripting any other films in the future just to save face, too. Viewers should also show some restraint and steer very clear of this substandard effort if only to save their sanity.

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