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By Michael Ferraro | May 12, 2005

Cleverly directed, beautifully shot, and perfectly acted out by everyone involved, “The Domestication of the Incredible LMNO Robot” is a story about a robot just looking for some good company.

When a boy’s dog runs away, his mother tries to fix his sadness by replacing man’s best friend with man’s newest technological creation, the LMNO Robot. The boy wants nothing to do with this robot of course, since it’s the dog he wants for companionship, until he figures out that he can send the robot on a mission to find his dog.

The robot on the other hand, does what ever he can to please the boy. All the LMNO Robot wants is to be loved and accepted by this family. When he (or it) realizes this acceptance will never happen, he finally journeys on his own to find happiness and a place to call home.

Obviously inspired by robot science fiction stories from decades ago (and perhaps even more current, Spielberg’s “A.I.”), “The Domestication of the Incredible LMNO Robot” takes a familiar story and, for it’s short length, achieves everything it attempts to try to be. At times humorous and at others, emotional and cathartic, this film is definitely worth a watch and Ben Piety is definitely a name to look out for.

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