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By Eric Campos | March 26, 2005

Kinda like “Evil Dead”, okay, kinda like “Evil Dead 2” if you wanna be a nerd about it, a happy couple drives up to the woods for a nice, peaceful vacation at a secluded cabin. But what they get instead isn’t very nice and it’s far from peaceful. From out of nowhere, zombies descend upon the couple, ruining their little vacation. Ya know, that’s the thing about zombies – great for movies, shitty for vacations. A bloodbath ensues as does plenty of flesh munchin’.

Sounds cool, yes? Yeah, but the problem here for me is the structure of the story. As the film begins, a couple of guys are hired to work on the cabin and one of them finds a diary relaying the aforementioned zombie attack. As he reads further, we’re taken inside the story and shown what happened to the couple. This is how the whole thing unfolds. Nothing wrong with that, except that he keeps stopping to do whatever work he’s supposed to do or listen to his boss bitch at him – “C’mon, Billy, I’m not paying you to read.” And when he stops, the movie stops. Apart from the very end, nothing really happens with these guys to warrant giving them so much screen time. They’re just putting a stop to the real story that we’re desperately trying to get through. They also make this short way longer than it needs to be.

But, when you do get treated to another segment of the story in the diary, the film hums along just fine and it looks great. Cool camerawork and excellent zombie make-up are real treats for horror fans here. It’s just too bad that there’s too much fat on the bone that takes away from this short’s full impact.

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