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By Film Threat Staff | October 16, 2000

If you’re in the mood for scary, animated fun, tramp over to the Devil’s Tramping Ground — an online graveyard of dark, and at times interactive, Flash animations from the very active imagination of Ed Bain, creator of the “Survivor: Mission to Mars” animated spoof. Several Flash treats await you upon entry, all of which are based on historic stories from the 1800’s.
You can take a wander through the Devil’s Tramping Ground for interactive thrills, but make sure all of your lights are on. Legend has it that the grounds are the real-life “thinking spot” for the King Of Evil himself. You can also make a date with the siren of sin “The Banshee,” and pull in for a visit at Maco Station, where the toy trains always seem to derail, for a peek at the “Maco Lights”.
Take a deep breath and go to [ the Devil’s Tramping Ground. ] Hopefully you’ll live to tell the tale.

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  1. Evil Jim says:

    I can’t remember when or where I first discovered Ed Bain’s tribute to The Devil’s Tramping Ground, but it’s been over a decade & now deeply set within my own personal journey of discovery on the Internet. Carrying on the tradition, every year during harvest season, when the moon is high & Jack ‘o Lantern’s glow menacingly in the crisp autumn air, I journey back to the website. I wait until the prescribed hour between 3 & 4 AM, turn out the lights, open the window to let in the cold breeze, &
    Despite its age, the sound, visuals & story still give me delightful chills, & I am grateful Mr. Bain has kept it active all these years.

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