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By Chris Parcellin | May 31, 2004

The B-horror biz is full of voluptuous young actresses who bring a touch of evil to any film they grace. But none is more darkly alluring than the lady who goes by the name Syn DeVil. The raven-haired beauty has been making quite a name for herself in recent years using her macabre charms and eye-boggling figure to captivate the viewers of such films as “Shadow of the Demon,” “My Vampire Lover,” and “When Heaven Comes Down.” 

While DeVil is known for her sensual good looks and sexy image she also says that she has no intentions of crossing the line into the realm of hardcore porn. And she’s already created a sizable fanbase with her growing resume of B-movie roles which enable her to go to various horror movie conventions where her public can come face-to-face with the petite–but venomous–vixen.  

DeVil is not looking for fast money from her acting gigs, she says she hopes to be around the film business for some time to come. And the Princess of Darkness displays a softer side when advising novice actresses to check up on filmmakers who want them to audition to repel potential “scammers.” She is currently at work on a feature called “Last Dying Breath.” 

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