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By Rory L. Aronsky | June 28, 2006

Based on “Confessions” and this, I’m guessing that filmmaker Deborah Abbott wanted to not only be Princess Leia, but also dig deeply into what teed her off about Han Solo. Granted, it’s a more mild approach as Leia is the date of choice for Han, and the game show host (Jeff Teague) gets all of the better lines, as it should be. Abbott also engages in a bit of a princess complex as she plays all three potential dates for Han, including the Amazon Princess, who at that moment, is far more intriguing than Leia could manage to be.

Abbott’s prime strength is in writing for more than just herself. In fact, Teague looks like he’s having a lot of fun lampooning those too-enthusiastic game show hosts, with just the right amount of self-control. When Abbott has a bit of fun with pop culture, it shows.

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