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By Charles Martin | July 16, 2000

Some films should be seen by every film student. The Player is such a film. The Wizard of Speed and Time is another. This is one such film as well. Despite the setup being far too obvious, it’s a great tale: a struggling indie filmmaker gets The Call — a big name director loves his flick! In fact, The Call becomes The Calls — everybody wants a piece of this thing! Problem is, someone swapped something at the dupe house — the film they’re all raving about isn’t the filmmaker’s!
Does he pretend this work is his? Does he own up and pass up his (probably only) chance at fame and fortune? And what is The Dancing Cow and who really directed it? Sure, this movie is one long inside joke — a film about indie filmmakers for indie filmmakers — but there’s more than enough funny stuff to keep a non-industry audience amused. The scenes where struggling director Lepsaw finally meets the true director and sees the “real” Dancing Cow film are a serious laugh riot for anyone familiar with LA’s seedier side. Best of all, the truth comes out at Lepsaw’s meeting with Miramax — and things don’t work out in the end, just like they don’t in real life! A fine short.

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