By Admin | June 29, 2012

Melissa Piekaar’s short film The Corporate Eggspert is an odd one. A satire of sorts on sitcoms, office politics, daytime television and infomercials, the short creates a unique, and strange, viewing experience. Especially considering all the people in the film are dressed in costumes that represent different foods, and that only bookends the sequence where the film becomes a stop-motion animated adventure.

A man dressed at a carrot is disappointed in his future-telling crystal ball, the Orb-Awesome. Just when he seems to have lost all hope in the infomercial-friendly product, the orb transfers him to a world where he’s in work at the office, only everyone is now stop-motion animated and every sentence or action is met with the response from the unseen studio audience. Co-workers are caught up in discussion about the arrival of the man in the egg costume, Edgar MacQuitty, as he’s the corporate eggspert and has written a book. I’d tell more, but this short is less than 10 minutes long, and I’d hate to give away the whole thing.

Again, it’s an odd short, though a fun one. I’m not entirely sure what it’s trying to say, though I think there’s something to it regarding transcending one’s appearance (and therefore, how you are perceived by others), or if not appearance to others, how you see your own life. It’s also colorful and more than a bit absurd, but in that good way.

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