By Admin | February 4, 2001

It’s 1964 and John F. Kennedy has risen from the grave as a flesh-eating zombie! The dead former President is killing people in Texas, and his first victim is at Dealey Plaza in Dallas, where JFK got his brains blown out the year before. After this heinous crime is perpetrated, “The Collegians” are on the case. They are described as “a scientist, an educator and a troublemaker” — who also happen to have a pretty a*s-kickin’ punk band!
“The Collegians Are Go!!” is like “Night of the Living Dead” on acid, with a slammin’ punk soundtrack courtesy of out friends the Collegians and Los Tigres Guapos. In all honesty, I’m not sure exactly what the hell the movie was about, but I think the bastards are ready to make a punked-out version of “A Hard Day’s Night.” Of course I’m mental, but I was floored by this film. It looks like it was shot for around fifty bucks, but it delivers wall-to-wall entertainment.
This film is what indie movie making should be all about. Totally original.

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