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By Rogan Marshall | April 13, 2004

This short film about a passel o’ gangsters sitting around trading funny stories over drinks is so determined to stand in the shadow of “Reservoir Dogs” that Quentin Tarantino probably felt it the first time these folks screened this short for an audience, a palpable twist in the gut somewhere, which Mr. Tarantino silently attributed to his spleen, or vague digestive difficulties. Other than the derivative question, which really is serious here, this might be almost okay, for amateur hour – it is, at times, thoughtful, and detailed, though the cute girl is miscast, and the jokes are never funny. The writing and direction are awkward, but not always embarrassing. If Hazelrig looks for a voice of his own, he might find it, and then he might get cool, later on. (Hint, hint.)

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