By Admin | October 19, 1998

Who knew that one possessed doll could spin a yarn so complex that it would require four films to bring it to completion? Yes, the little demon-doll known as “Chucky” (voiced by Brad Dourif) is back and this time he has acquired the aid of the stunningly sexy Meg, played by Jennifer Tilly. In case you were wondering the cast also includes bombshell Katherine Heigl, Alexis Arquette and in a small but pivotal role, John Ritter.
The story is pretty ridiculous and it is this fact that makes the film work … almost. You must realize that this is a movie about a doll that murders people … how serious can it possibly be taken? Well, the filmmakers realized this and made a film that is extremely tongue-in-cheek, so you can just sit back and laugh at it and…well…it will laugh right back at you. It also has plenty of jokes that refer to other horror movies that are actually funny. This is quite an accomplishment since these films are, almost without exception, unwatchable and are never even remotely close to funny (“Halloween H20” for example).
“Bride of Chucky” is a fun trip to the land of absurdity that will make you laugh and show you some beautiful people getting slaughtered. Gotta love it.

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