Bootleg Files 011: “The Star Wars Holiday Special” (the legendary catastrophe that put the Lucas characters into the worst TV variety program imaginable).

Last seen: Only televised broadcast on November 17, 1978, although unauthorized screenings from bootleg videos have taken place in video lounges through the years.

American home video: None.

Reason for disappearance: Three guesses.

Chances of seeing a home video/DVD release: Are you kidding?

Bootleg opportunities: One of the most bootlegged titles of all time.

Get the rest of the story in part two of THE BOOTLEG FILES: “THE STAR WARS HOLIDAY SPECIAL”>>>

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  1. God says:

    Hello, I’m waiting for 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment in order to teamed up with George Lucas and LucasFilm in order to digitally newly restored and remastered The Star Wars Holiday Special because you know why because for Star Wars fans it had a cult following to this very day so I just wish Lucas explain why he hated this Star Wars holiday special if he loved Star Wars he created why not do the same with this in order to put the pieces you got yourself a real special edition version of this, so think about it and let’s cross our fingers to see it happens hopefully.

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