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By Chris Gore | January 25, 2001

This more-than-uncomfortable short follows the life of Sonny. It’s his first day in prison serving a five year sentence, and he’ll probably be out in one year. All he wants to do is not get raped in the shower. Luckily, he becomes the “bitch” of a friendly veteran con who just wants his comfort in the sack and the occasional blow job.
The alternative is far worse as Sonny could suffer gang rape in the shower at the hands of more brutal prisoners. Rooming together and sharing the bottom bunk (literally), they form a bond. Sonny teaches his prison protector to read, which brings them even closer. When Sonny gets out of prison, he promises to write, yet never does. Another young boy checks in to the big house and the whole cycle begins again.
I don’t think I’ve ever heard such loud squirming in a movie theater in my life than during the screening for this short. Yeah, it works as a story, it’s well produced, just not for me. If a touching prison love story is for you, don’t hesitate to check into “The Big House”.

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