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By Film Threat Staff | June 18, 2002

Magnolia Pictures’ indie “Late Marriage” has racked up some pretty impressive critical acclaim this summer, but it’s the film’s casually erotic and strikingly naturalistic 20-minute love scene that has people talking. Critics, it seems, have plenty to say about the sex:
“Maybe the single most believable sex scene ever captured on film, porn included. It’s a f*****g revelation.” Mike D’Angelo, Time Out
“The most important sequence in ‘Late Marriage’ is a refreshingly frank sex scene. We don’t often see sex like this on the screen. Watching this scene we realize that most sex scenes in the movies play like auditions.” Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times
“The protracted sex scene is probably the most realistic ever depicted on film, utterly devoid of the flowery contrivances of more romantic films, and equally lacking in the staged raunchiness of porn.” Christy Lemire, Associated Press
“The frank, protracted love scene unfolds with a realistic sensuality Hollywood has spent its entire history avoiding.” David Ansen, Newsweek
“Perhaps the most languidly realistic sex scene I¹ve ever seen in a movie. The extended bedroom sequence is so intimate and sensual and funny and psychologically self-revealing that it makes most of what passes for sex in the movies look like cheap hysterics.” Peter Rainer, New York Magazine
“It just might be the year’s best sex scene.” Andrew Johnston, Us Weekly
“It will cause a stir for a love scene that is one of the longest and most erotic, tender and passionate ever to occur in a serious film.” Kevin Thomas, LA Times
“One of the most original and erotic love scenes I¹ve ever seen. It feels so real that you may never be able to watch a Hollywood love scene again without having to stifle giggles.” Christopher Kelly, Ft. Worth Star-Telegram
“One of the hottest and longest sex scenes we’ve seen in quite a while.” V.A. Musetto, NY Post
“One of the most truly erotic scenes in recent cinema.” Steve Erickson, Boston Phoenix
“A justly heralded sex scene that sets a new standard for on-screen intimacy.” Scott Tobias, The Onion
“One of the most affecting depictions of a love affair ever committed to film.” Megan Turner, NY Post
For more on “Marriage,” including the latest news and other non-sex-related information, check out official site.

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