By Paul Goebel | June 21, 2006

(in no particular order)


1. Lost
Holy Crap! What was weirder? The giant foot, the tube to nowhere or the apocalyptic magnetic burst? Only Lost can get away with answering one question and asking five more. Brilliant!
2. 24
Once again a great season concluded with a kick a*s finale. I had a feeling the Chinese would return. The Chinese government is like an elephant…they have long memories and no regard for human rights
3. Veronica Mars
I know you didn’t watch it, so here’s what happened…Beaver was too ashamed to let everyone find out that he was molested by Steve Guttenberg so he killed a bunch of kids and blew up a plane. He also was the one who gave Veronica chlamydia when she passed out. Aren’t you sorry you missed that?
4. How I Met Your Mother
The best new comedy on TV made me care deeply about Ted & Robin, Marshall & Lily and Barney & …Hey wait a minute, that’s Doogie Howser!
5. Family Guy
I’m less a fan of this show than Eric Cartman, but the three part Stewie-centered episodes were funny as hell.
6. American Idol
Less bad contestants and more great performances made this year’s finale really exciting. I have no shame about being totally gay for this show.
7. Saturday Night Live
The “Usual Suspects” scene with Kevin Spacey and Andy Samberg made the whole episode worth sitting through, which is an SNL rarity these days.
8. The Sopranos
This is how TV should be made! Only the Sopranos has the balls to put together an episode with multiple non-linear plots. I am dying to see what happens with A.J’s hot new girlfriend and Christopher’s relapse.


1. CSI
So in a year when well–loved characters are dying left and right (Edgar, Marissa Cooper, Shannon & Ana Lucia) CSI thinks they can get a rise out of me by threatening to kill off Jim Brass? Who’s Jim Brass, you say? Exactly.

2. West Wing
What’s more boring than a fictitious Presidential race? A fictitious President moving his s**t into the White House. Am I supposed to get excited about the return of Rob Lowe? Maybe if this is the 80’s and I’m 14, oh and a gay.
3. Will & Grace
Five minutes into the show, I realized I haven’t watched this piece of crap since I was on it in the first season.
4. Alias
So Rambaldi’s “endgame” was eternal life? Clearly Rambaldi was not married.
5. Law & Order
…and another boring female ADA leaves the show. I can just hear Dick Wolf saying, “Well, we haven’t killed one off in a while.”
6. American Inventor
So the winner was the guy who invented the car seat that saves the lives of babies? DUH!
7. Desperate Housewives
As hot as I am for three out of four of these ladies, I am over Susan’s failed love-life, Gabrielle’s infidelity issues and Bree’s crazy boyfriends, although I, personally, can never get enough of Eva Longoria in her underwear.
8. The Apprentice
What made the skinny Jewish kid think he could beat the suave British guy with great hair?

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