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By Film Threat Staff | June 19, 2002

Film lovers are invited to cast their votes for the fifth annual inductions in the B-Movie Hall of Fame. To better accommodate voters and to avoid nominations of films and individuals who are either already in the Hall of Fame or who are not technically eligible, the B-Movie Hall of Fame features two comprehensive ballots with 100 B-Movies and 100 B-Movie icons to choose from. Voting is now open through August 15th, 2002, and the winning inductions will be announced during the B-Movie Film Festival in Syracuse, NY, from September 14th-15th.
The nominees for Hall of Fame inclusion circle the entire B-Movie orbit, offering a line-up of stars who began their careers in the B-Movies (including Mel Gibson, Gary Oldman, and Eva Peron, the controversial first lady of Argentina), those whose careers were kept alive in B-Movies after A-list stardom evaporated (including Buster Keaton, John Carradine and Peter Lorre), and those whose stardom was based solely within the borders of the genre (including Mark Dacascos, Roy Rogers and Dale Evans, Sonny Chiba and Tom Neal), and even industry supporters, including the critics Joe Bob Briggs and Joe “Phantom of the Movies” Kane. B-Movie choices cover all genres from the past seven decades, spanning the years from 1933’s “White Zombie” to 1999’s “Razor Blade Smile.”
To check out the nominees for the Fifth Annual B-Movie Hall of Fame and cast your vote, pay a visit to the official Hall of Fame site The ballots can be accessed directly, and voters are asked to select up to 10 choices per category.

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