By Tom Meek | August 17, 1998

Another (following “The Saint”) blockbuster butchery of a brilliant 60’s BBC agent series that takes science fiction too seriously and throws to the wind its origin’s whimsical charm. Connery rekindles the dark side of his “Highlander” salad days as a maniacal weather master who threatens to put London under a deep freeze if he doesn’t get the big bucks. Finnes and Thurman look great as agents John Steed and Emma Peel who set out to thwart Connery’s diabolical scheme, but they have zilch for chemistry. Besides seeing Uma in some very hip (hugging), very ap(peel)ing outfits and some cool-looking sets, there’s nothing but a convoluted overcast of story with a monsoon of bad dialogue. Weather man says head to the beach and pass on this one.

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