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By Film Threat Staff | January 24, 2001

The American Cinematheque, along with the gorgeous Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood, will play host to a special series of films from [ February 1st ] through [ February 11th, 2001 ] . “The Method: A Revolution in American Screen Acting 1945-1970” is a ten-day event that will highlight outstanding film contributions (“A Place in the Sun” and “Refelctions in a Golden Eye” among others) with the help of special guests including actresses Eva Marie Saint and Shirley Knight, Shelley Winters, director Delbert Mann, and actor Robert Forster.
A bit of background from the Cinematheque:
When the first generation of Method-trained actors hit American movie screens in the late 1940’s — including brooding loners like Marlon Brando, Montgomery Clift, Rod Steiger and James Dean, and beautiful, complex women like Eva Marie Saint, Geraldine Page, Carroll Baker, Kim Stanley, Shirley Knight and Joanne Woodward — it must have seemed like a seismic shock had hit the glossy, insular Hollywood studio style of acting.
In truth, the Method had been developing for nearly 50 years, descended through Constantin Stanislavski’s work with the Moscow Art Theatre, and elaborated and Americanized by the short-lived Group Theatre in New York in the early 1930’s.

The full film schedule for this series is available now at the [ Egyptian Theatre/Cinematheque site ] , where you can also check out other upcoming Cinematheque events.

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