By Daulton Dickey | June 26, 2005

“The 70’s Dimension” is probably the strangest DVD one is likely to encounter. A compilation of 70’s ephemera, from 16mm television commercials to news clips, this DVD harkens back to a time when disco reigned and cigarette ads assaulted primetime viewers.

Essentially a montage of commercials ranging for cigarettes to Old Spice to Public Service Announcements, this DVD is certainly a nostalgic trip for those conscious in the 70’s. Seeing how this reviewer, however, came into this world in the last year of that decadent decade, this DVD, aside from providing a few laughs—the opening cigarette commercial, featuring a dash looking man riding a snowmobile, is hysterical—this DVD did little for me.

Included as a special feature are six short collage films produced entirely with footage included on this DVD. These shorts are a true highlight. Ranging from absurdity to hilarity, the respective filmmakers edited benign commercials and PSA’s into avant-garde shorts that sidestep the 70’s altogether and harken back to the days of Bunuel and Man Ray.

Reviewing this DVD would be akin to reviewing its source material, so we will refrain from praising or condemning it—it’s just too damn bizarre to review in conventional terms. It might prove a treasure trove of nostalgia for those longing for 70’s esoterica. For everyone else— Well, this is truly a headscratcher. There’s no way to classify such a bizarre disc, nor is there any indication to whom it should be recommended—outside of 70’s freaks.

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