“¦and it will be a glorious time for as long as it lasts, believe it. Psycho was the prophecy. Halloween heralded the 1st age. Scream the 2nd. “”Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon” will be the harbinger of a 3rd. Thus it was said, thus it shall be.

If you didn’t like Scream, I understand. Personally, I dug Scream and think the backlash resulted more from the crappy imitators that came after than from the movie itself, but that doesn’t matter now. Wipe that film from your mind. Behind the Mask is nothing like it. Read my review.

Also, remember this date: March 16th, 2007. Don’t you dare f*****g forget. On this date will play the BEST slasher movie that has ever been made after Halloween and Nightmare on Elm Street; and it can even be argued that it’s better than Halloween because Halloween isn’t half as smart as Mask.

Now, watch the teaser and the trailer.

It opens in limited release on 3/16 (except where listed). Here are the cities where it’s playing:

Little Rock – Market St. Cinema (opens 3/30)
Long Beach – Edwards Long Beach Stadium 26
Alhambra – Edwards Atlantic Palace 10
Calexico – Metropolitan Calexico 10
Garden Grove – Regal Garden Grove 16
Irvine – Edwards Irvine Spectrum 21
Riverside – Metropolitan University Village 10
Monterey – Osio Cinema
San Francisco – AMC at the Metreon
Denver – Starz Film Center – Landmark (opens 3/30)
Fort Lauderdale – ESP Gateway Cinema 4 (opens 3/30)
Jacksonville – San Marco Theatre & Drafthouse (opens 4/20)
Atlanta – Regal Tara Cinemas (opens 4/13)
Addison – Marc Addison 20
Chicago – Pipers Alley Loews Cineplex
Chicago – Chatham 14 Marcus Theaters
Chicago – 62nd & Western Marcus Theaters
Chicago – Lawndale 10 Marcus Theaters
Gurnee – Gurnee Cinema Marcus Theaters
South Barrington – AMC South Barrington 30
Warrenville – AMC Cantera 30
Waltham – Landmark Embassy Cinema
Annapolis – CROWN Annapolis Mall 11
Ann Arbor – State Theatre
Auburn Hills – Great Lakes 25
Canton – E-Magic Township 18
Dearborne – Star Fairlane 21
Sterling Heights – Forum 30
Walled Lake – UA Commerce Township 14
Brooklyn Center – Regal Brooklyn Center Stadium 20
Eden Prairie – AMC Eden Prairie Mall 18
Minneapolis – Crown Theatre 15 @ Block E
Atco – NAM Atco Multiplex 14
Burlington – Regal Burlington 20
Cherry Hill – AMC Cherry Hill 24
East Orange – Hollywood Creative Entertainment
Elizabeth – Union 7 Creative Entertainment  
Hamilton – AMC Hamilton 24
Newark – Newark Screens 6
North Brunswick – Regal Commerce Center 16
Ridgewood – Ridgewood Theatre Creative Entertainment
Sewell – UA 14 @ Washington Township – Regal
South Plainfield – Regal Hadley Center 17
Hamilton – AMC Hamilton 24
Brooklyn – Brooklyn Heights Cinema
New Rochelle – Regal New Rochelle City 18
New Windsor – Destinta New Windsor 12 – Creative 
New York – Creative Colesium Quad
New York – AMC Empire 25
New York – The City Village East 7
Ridgewood – Creative Ridgewood Theatre
Staten Island – UA All Staten Island Stadium 16 – Regal
Peekskill – Destinta New Windsor 12 Creative Entertainment
Shaker Heights – Shaker Square Cinemas 1-6 (opens 3/30)
Portland – Regal Fox Tower 10
Bensalem, PA – AMC Neshaminy 24
Bridgeville – Destinta Chartiers 20 – Creative (opens 3/30)
Oaks – Regal Marketplace @ Oaks 24
Pittsburgh – Southside Works 10 (opens 3/30)
Warrington – Regal Warrington Crossing 22
Bensalem – AMC Neshaminy 24
Austin – Regal Arbor Cinemas @ Great Hills
Dallas – AMC City 14
Dallas – AMC Grand 24
Grapevine – AMC Grapevine Mills 30
Mesquite – AMC Mesquite 30
Sterling – Regal Countryside Cinemas 20
Seattle – AMC Meridian 16 – Regal 

I post this totally and completely out of love. Not just for the movie, but for you: the goddamn audience. If people miss this they’re going be kicking each other and hating themselves for it later. Trust me.

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