By Chris Gore | August 30, 1999

The manliest movie of 1999 arrives in the form of “The 13th Warrior”. Pretty boy Antonio Banderas straps on a sword and joins a group of filthy Vikings on a crusade to wipe out an army of evil warriors. This John McTiernan directed film comes by way of the book “Eaters of the Dead” by Michæl Crichton. There’s not a lot of story or screenplay to be found, however, the swordplay is fantastic, the visuals are stunning and the enemy beasts are truly frightening. Aside from Banderas and a cameo by Omar Sharif, the cast is made up of unknowns, which is refreshing for a change in cast-driven Hollywood.
If you’re in the mood to watch heads, arms and other appendages getting chopped off, this movie is for you. The 13th Warrior is like seeing one of those fantasy Frank Frazetta paintings come to life with plenty of blood and guts. Loads of bloody fun.

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