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By Phil Hall | December 28, 2001

As the year draws to a close and the inevitable silly season of Top 10 lists and movie awards begins anew, Film Threat steps back from celebrating the year’s high-profile, excessively-publicized offerings to pay special tribute to the separate cinema of films which did not get a wide release.
Many people may not realize this, but there are actually two parallel cinematic worlds. The first is the orbit which every multiplex visitor knows too well: the film industry where releases are distributed in a carpet bombing tactic to every possible corner of the exhibition landscape. But there is also the quieter world where films are lucky if they can find a way into a festival line-up or perhaps (if fate and connections are working properly) snag a few commercial playdates here and there. Sometimes, though, these films wind up going straight to video or straight to the Internet for webcast presentation or video sales directly from the producers’ web sites.
It is incorrect to imagine that every unseen film is of poor quality. Oh yes, there are many bad films which never get widely seen and we have several compiled for our 10 Worst List. However, the films in the 10 Best List have, for one reason or another, did not get the breaks they deserved. Some were deemed as “not commercial enough” for wide exhibition, while others are being pushed by filmmakers who do not have the right connections at the distribution companies to bring their work to mass audiences.
Film Threat is one of the few major media outlets to provide a platform for unseen films to receive a place in the spotlight. (Take a look at last year’s list of The 10 Best & Worst Unseen Films of 2000 if you need proof.) Indeed, several unseen films have enjoyed theatrical pick-up after appearing on this site. Perhaps next year, some of the films featured here will also be able to see a wide release and find the audiences and praise they deserve.
And, now, here is Film Threat’s celebration of the 10 Best Unseen Films of 2001…
Get the list in the first part of THE 10 BEST UNSEEN FILMS OF 2001>>>

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