By Eric Campos | February 13, 2002

If I knew that someone made this as a joke, I could probably give it some respect. Well…on second thought…nah, f**k this film! I’m gonna give you guys the play by play for this shot on video waste.
We open up on a frightened girl cowering in the corner of a cabin. Suddenly, a banging comes at the locked door. The girl slowly makes her way to the door, but does she unlock it? No, she just grabs the edge of the door and pulls it open. Guess it wasn’t locked in the first place. Oh well. A guy stumbles into the room and closes the door behind him. All shaken and sweaty, he provides the worst case of overacting that I’ve ever seen as he tries to calm the girl down. This is apparently a friend of hers. Then more banging comes at the door. I don’t know why whoever it is doesn’t just open it because the damn thing isn’t locked. Our two actors, who have no business ever stepping in front of a camera again, push a dresser in front of the door to prevent whatever’s on the other side from getting in. Shortly after, the banging stops. They move the dresser and the guy simply pulls the door open, once again proving that the damn thing wasn’t locked. The two then stick together as they make their way through the dark cabin. As they attempt to leave, they find a dead body propped up against the door. Now with some bald headed creep wielding an axe and a machete on their tail, the couple step over the dead body and run through the woods, straight into another cabin or barn or whatever the f**k. They don’t get very far when baldy catches up to them and grabs hold of the guy to pull him outside so he can pour some mouth wash down his throat, bite a chunk out of his neck and drive the axe into his head. The girl then runs back out into the forest where she trips and falls. The camera follows her down as she turns around on her back, looks up and screams. The end.
I think I’ve proven my case.

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