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By Brian Bertoldo | September 20, 1999

In celebration of their 25th year, Troma Entertainment releases yet another one of their patented B-movie productions, filled with gross-out humor and wild, sexy mayhem. Terror Firmer is inspired by director Lloyd Kaufman’s book All I Need to Know About Filmmaking I Learned From the Toxic Avenger. Filmed on location in New York City, with cameo appearances by Lemmy from the band Motorhead and porn star Ron Jeremy, Terror Firmer parodies the behind the scenes madness that goes into the making of a Troma feature. The plot centers on the systematic murder of the crew members by a mysterious woman in black, during the production of another Toxic Avenger installment.
Larry Jameson (Lloyd Kaufman), the blind independent director of a Troma production is trying to “make art” and “history” by keeping his freak show of a film crew together. His method of motivating his crew is to threaten to blow his brains out. In between scenes, a three ring circus-like atmosphere breaks out, with various sexual couplings, fights and general anarchy. From the start, a love triangle develops between production assistant Jennifer (Alyce Latourelle), boom operator Casey (Will Keenan) and special effects guy Jerry (Trent Haaga). Casey’s the macho type who doesn’t share everyone else’s passion for independent film; he’s really into the film’s of Steven Spielberg and pickling, yes, as in pickles. Jennifer’s more of the girl next door type. When she’s not wiping the snot off her sick mother at home or putting up with the insane film crew, Jennifer dreams of directing one day. All the while various members of the Troma crew are being killed off by a mysterious woman dressed in black. One scene of note and possibly the grossest, a fat film investor is fed into an escalator. Producing enough spurting blood and guts to fill a slaughter house. After a surprising and need I say perverted turn of events, the killer is at last revealed in a final orgy of blood, guts and explosions. In the end, the independent art and vision of Troma lives on.
Terror Firmer incorporates loads of blood, gory body parts, sex and perversion to great effect. Troma’s latest effort shows that after 25 years, they can still make “history” and “art” with their brand of sicko exploitation.

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