By admin | December 5, 2003

With all that I’ve heard about MeniThings’ short CG animated film The Freak, what with it playing countless festivals and scoring a five star review right here at Film Threat, I still haven’t seen the damn thing. I’m lazy, yes I know, but if it’s every bit as good as “Terra,” MeniThings’ latest short, I can safely say that “The Freak” movie, which is in the works right now, is at the top of my must-see list. Well, with “Terra,” director/animator AristoMenis Tsirbas and producer Dane Smith have scored another big five here. Yes, it’s just that “scrumtulescent”!
A visitor slowly approaches an alien planet, some strange hulking behemoth that some on the planet refer to as a god. Whatever it is, it’s captured the curiosity of a young alien girl who we find peering at it through her “viewing machine.” Disapproving of her spying, as he doesn’t want to offend the unnamed visitor, her father tries to put a stop to it, but the little girl runs away…floats away actually…to a place that’s nice and quiet where she can sit and watch this thing in the sky in peace. However, her curiosity turns to dread as she realizes that this thing is actually an American spacecraft with a major modification made to the design of its red, white and blue flag.
The CG animation here is absolutely fantastic, giving the studio churned fare a run for its money. But most important is the simple, but striking story that will earn this short the recognition it deserves. No doubt it will be coming to a festival near you. Don’t miss it!

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