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By Film Threat Staff | May 10, 2007

As if “Terminator 3” wasn’t a complete abomination of everything that made the series so wonderful prior to it, Variety reports that the rights to the franchise have left Andrew Vajna and Mario Kassar’s hands finally, and plans for new entry are ready to go. The bad news, outside of “Terminator 3” being one of the worst things our eyes have ever seen, is that Cameron is not returning (again), there will be no room for Arnold, and screenwriters John Brancato and Michael Ferris will return yet again to script it. These are the same two guys who wrote that dreaded “Catwoman” film a couple years ago too. Hopefully this time around the two of them can avoid some of those pesky continuity errors that plagued the third film (John Connor was 10 in “Terminator 2” – not 13!). Maybe they can even toss in some one-liners that aren’t 13 years old too…

Get yourself Terminated over at Variety>>>

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