By Eric Campos | February 14, 2002

Honestly, I didn’t think this piece was going to end up being worth a whole lotta laughs and it really isn’t, but I found myself chuckling here and there. The reason for my doubt was over the unfamiliar subject matter that the comedy was based on.
I’m sure that life as an office temp sucks big serpentine penises, but it’s a hell that I’ve never been through. So during the first several minutes of the film, as our reluctant hero takes s**t from his fellow employees, I’m not very impressed. But soon, things start getting out of control as he’s asked to do s**t like place a call to God in order to request that he alter the space-time continuum so that someone can catch a plane flight that they’re late for. Now that’s pretty funny and more ridiculousness ensues, but the people that are going to get the biggest kick out of this one are the folks that have had to endure the office temp life.

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