Held at the Movie Experience 10 at Tower Plaza (25735 Ynez Road) in Temecula, the Temecula Valley International Film and Music Festival offers a full slate of new workshops this year. One of the workshops is really hands-on – RECORD THIS! – THE INSIDE TRACK OF THE MUSIC BUSINESS presented by Entertainment/Music professionals, Lisa Tenner and Miki Nord. Workshop attendees will get the chance to present their demos, current CD release or even perform live and unplugged for a constructive and beneficial performance critique to get musicians and vocalists on the right track to succeed. All levels of beginning, intermediate and emerging artists are encouraged to take part in this valuable once-in-a-lifetime workshop to start building leverage and refining skills for a successful music career.
Other workshops include Just Write – Writing The Vision From Ideas To Pictures and Producing Your Film On Highway Catch 22-Presented by David A. Cole; Before The Popcorn – How Films Are Made And Managed -Presented by Neal Stevens; Pulling The Reel Strings Of Using Music In Media – Presented by Jimmy Stewart & Teri Tilton; Can You Picture It? – Choosing Your Medium… Hi-Def Vs. Film – Presented by Panavision- Ric Halpern, Sony- Andrew Stucker, ASC – George Spiro Diebie, National President Cinematographer’s Guild, ASC- Michael Goi, ASC- Stephen Lighthill, LAFS – Joe Byron and Not-So-Silent Film – The Acting Role Of Songs – Presented by Dave Freeman, Founder, Music Supervisor/Licensing, Falling Elevator! Music Group, Lindsay Wolfington, Music Supervisor, Daisy Music, Peter Soldinger, Freelance Music Supervisor, Tyler Bacon, Music Supervisor/Licensing, Position Music – Moderated By Dave Tough, Owner Of Real Life Music Publishing.
For more info, visit the TVIFMF website.

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