By Doug Brunell | July 15, 2008

If you aren’t familiar with the world of Teenape (Casey Bowker), this movie is going to strike you as strange. I’ve tried to explain the concept to friends, and they just can’t picture it. A guy in a cheap ape mask, wig and ape gloves? Why? Well, because writer/director Chris Seaver makes it funny. Granted, Teenape has never been one of my favorite Seaver creations, but he shines in this film.

Teenape isn’t the only familiar face appearing in “Teenape Goes to Camp.” You’ve got Heather (Meredith Host) and Proudfoot (Shawn Green) back for more, too. And then there’s Honey (Kristen Callahan), a nymphomaniac who squirts (shoots is more like it) when sexually excited. Add in some more misfits and insane situations, and this movie, which quickly goes from teen comedy parody to survival comedy, delivers just over an hour of inappropriate humor and raunch. How inappropriate and raunchy? There’s a scene where a guy is forced to have sex with a decapitated head, a threesome that goes on for quite some time (complete with more firehose-like female ejaculation), and a great request made by Teenape of camp counselor Heather at the film’s climax. I won’t spoil it, but it involves his fingers.

Plot isn’t too important here, but there is some consideration given to it. Teenape is convinced (by the promise of barely legal females) to become a camp counselor for the weekend. Once at camp he discovers that all the attendees are there to kill him and collect a sizable monetary prize. A few double-crosses occur, but in the end things turn out exactly as can be expected in a film with Teenape as the star.

This won’t bring a smile to everyone’s face. Some folks are going to be downright offended by it, and others will just fail to see the humor. If you laugh at “Family Guy,” though, you can be fairly certain this will bring out more than a few chuckles. To the casual observer, they’ll think this is just an amateurish effort by a guy who can’t do any better. The more astute viewer, however, will see that this is carefully constructed chaos with one mission in mind: keep you laughing while never knowing where the movie will go next. Mission accomplished. (And Ms. Callahan, how do I get an autographed picture to add to my wall of favorite inappropriate female characters?)

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