By Steve Anderson | April 16, 2007

After the wild success of “Borat…”, and the pretty fair success of “Jackass 2”, it’s not surprising that imitators are coming out to play. And among them, a bunch of guys who clearly did not pay attention to the disclaimers: the Teenagers From Uranus.

The Teenagers From Uranus bring down with them a long string of parodies created by the titular pair of Teenagers From Uranus (who, not surprisingly, would actually find the word “titular” a laugh riot) at the behest of their dark lord of Uranus. The results are this movie, a flood of parodies of Jesus, Dr. Phil, and various other incongruent figures. Which is about what we got back in “Matt Pak Pictures”, except those were just roaringly funny. But perhaps the warning at the beginning of the movie gives us the surest indication of what we’re in for:

“Warning: Spicy mexican food may cause diarrhea. Diarrhea is much harder to clean out of your pants than a solid terd (sic), and much more embarrassing. The movie you are about to watch is so hilarious that you may s**t your pants. Daybyday is not responsible for ruined articles of clothing. Do not eat spicy mexican food before watching this movie.”

Yeah. The last time I saw dialogue like this was back in “Monsteria”, and that horror was more like a solid terd than anything else I’d seen before it. So I’m not even a minute in before I get worried. Is this more “Monsteria”? Or have I got a pocket Matt Pak sort of thing?

Well, if the first five minutes are any indication, I’m in an entire world of s**t. I’ve never seen so many poorly drawn cocks in one place in my life. Come to think of it, I’ve never seen so many COCKS in one place in my life. Frankly, I never want to see this many cocks again. If it sounds like I’m beating the word “c**k” to death, it probably should. But seriously, there’s going to be a whole lot of them in even just the first ten minutes.

And yet, it won’t be a total loss. In fact, there’ll be plenty of pretty passably funny moments, even if they’re a bit uncomfortable. Part “Jackass”, part “Tom Green Show”, and even, occasionally, part Matt Pak joy, there’s a lot of footage here that recovers well from the flood of schlong in the first ten minutes. There’s this great footage of following taggers (graffiti artists, in case you don’t understand the term) around as they spread their art and occasionally get chased by guys with baseball bats. At one point, they paint a guy, have him get blind drunk, and run naked around town.

And yet, the farther in you go, the more you wonder…what the hell are these guys on? The road trip scene alone baffles me; how they didn’t get arrested for that is beyond me. Funny? Sure. Over the top?Occasionally.

Boring? Never. All in all, a little of these guys goes a long way, but man, can they do some truly funny s**t when they set their minds to it. It’s worth your time to watch, but not necessarily all in one sitting.

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