By Admin | September 16, 2002

Man, what a f*****g depressing film this is. As you will no doubt know, this rabid flickershow is based on the deadly deeds of Theodore Bundy, one of America’s most notorious serial killers, and it isn’t exactly a light-hearted ride by any means.
We see Bundy and his increasingly insane mindsets, but never truly learn too much about his motivations and psychology. What we do get is a horrific story turned partly into a black comedy, which is utterly f*****g reprehensible in a film where representations of real people dying are being shown.
Burke is excellent as Bundy, and you have to wonder how he’s gonna get any woman to come anywhere near him after this role: he looks like he knew a little bit too much about what was going on in the deformed head of that f*****g piece of s**t Bundy. Method acting? Only the Coroner’s Office could tell you that one.
The end of the film, where Bundy is fried, is greatly satisfying, and the fact that the person who pulls the switch on this piece of worthless, insane genetic debris is a woman is poetic justice, like deadly revenge for all the women this scum slaughtered. And it’s totally appropriate.
“Ted Bundy” is one of those films that makes you walk out muttering dark things about the future of the human race. But it provides some good dating tips for young women. Namely, if you find yourself with a boyfriend who wants to tie your legs behind your head during sex and then have you pretend to be dead while he savagely fucks you…it’s time to find a new lover.
And you don’t need Dr Ruth to tell you that one.

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