The International Festival of Cinema and Technology has announced its second annual event taking place in New York, New York, December 6th-10th. The event will showcase a wide variety of independent cinema including dramas, comedies, documentaries, features, experimental films and animations. The “Technology” in the festival’s name occurs both in the content of the festival, which tends to focus on themes of technology or feature unique creation techniques, as well as in the method of showcasing content at the events. The event will take place at the Remote Lounge Screening Room, 237 E. Bowery Street, Saturday through Tuesday nights, December 6th-9th. The final night of events December 10th will take place at the Tribeca Grand “Grand Screen” located at the Tribeca Grand Hotel, Two Avenue of the Americas from 7pm-10pm.
The festival features a variety of top-notch new animations created using a variety of new software and incorporating new talents and rising stars in the animation industry. Animation segments include “The Character: Visionary Future” as well the feature “Wave Twister” which is a revolutionary musical sci-fi animation film with original score by DJ QBert. Themes of this year’s documentaries also focus on technology in projects including “Space Needle at 40,” “Nowhere to Run” about the Indian Point Power Plant, the North American Premiere of “Women Facing War” a documentary filmed in Afghanistan, Sierra Leone, Colombia, Israel and the Occupied/Autonomous Territories, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Federal Republic of Yugoslavia about women facing war in the modern age, and “Direct Order” about recent evidence concerning Anthrax vaccinations. Also making its North American Premiere is “Malaria!” which is shot in Tanzania, Switzerland, Holland and Denmark and includes history about the disease, as well as information about the clinical and global political situation behind it. One of the festival World Premiere’s is entitled “War Rooms and Volcanoes Ken Adam – Film Sets are Forever,” a behind the scenes look at James Bond film designer the notable Ken Adams from German Director Joerg Plenio.
This year’s festival technology will feature a 3D film from Germany “Cyberheidi in 3D” (New York Premiere) filmed on location in the Bavarian Alps in stereoscopic 3D. The festival will feature discussion of new 3D technologies which came into the making of this 3D film and others. The festival will also showcase the feature film “Sleep Always” (a US premiere) shot in innovative newly developed “Super-duper-8” which adapts Super 8mm cameras. The animation “Grand-Ma” is also notable for its technology and was a first of its kind. More than 40 digital artists and animators from various countries (USA, Japan, France, Canada, and Germany) joined this project during the 2 year project, and were able to transfer scene files and images to a main server and keep in contact with the entire production from home.
The 2003 festival line-up includes projects from over 26 countries, many directors will be in attendance to represent their works. International films at IFCT 2003 include the New York Premiere of “Sr. Trapo” an award winning animation from Spain, “Object of Affection” a World Premiere dramatic film directed by director Yama Rahimi from Afghanistan, “Muzaffer Muzaffer!!” from Turkish Director Tunay Sevinç, the World Premiere of the British comedic film “Hollywood Action Movie,” and the New York Premiere of “Un Momento” an award winning short drama from Switzerland directed by Tim Geser.
For more info, visit the International Festival of Cinema and Technology website.

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