By Phil Hall | February 4, 2005

“Team One: Pure Combat” is a 12-minute home movie that somehow found itself on the festival circuit. The film is a weak parody of “The A-Team” with a quartet of goofball commandos seeking out the kidnaped daughter of a Russian diplomat. The film has almost nothing going for it: non-existent direction, a painfully unfunny screenplay, and actors who don’t know how to act.
However, the film has one astonishing asset which makes it worth being seen: a young actress named Rebecca Beers, who is perhaps the most gorgeous woman in movies today. This striking redhead with killer legs and porcelain-fine skin is a stunning discovery, with a natural movie star grace and air of self-confidence that surpasses the Hollywood’s reigning icons. Whether lying handcuffed in captivity, running for her life on stiletto heels or standing tall in a convertible while the breeze blows across her, she is so drop-dead gorgeous that her presence easily excuses the amateurish nature of the production buzzing around her. And unlike her co-stars, she can act (or at least her idea of a Russian accent sounds like gentle balalaika music to my ears). Finding her in this film is like discovering an 80-karat diamond in a box of Froot Loops: it makes no sense whatsoever, but you are nonetheless grateful for this highly unlikely prize.
Remember her name: Rebecca Beers. You heard it here first!

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