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By Rory L. Aronsky | June 23, 2005

There is a harsh nightmare out there. High school students (or at least that’s what they appear to be) take up a camera or two and feel compelled to film something, despite having no discernible skill to make their films even remotely watchable. Welcome to “Tammy’s Slumber Party”. Peel your eyes with a knife in horror as you watch a teen’s girlfriend break up with him over his inability to stop smoking pot. Load the gun as you see his “little spoiled boy” anger slowly boil, with the intent to kill, maim, slash! Make sure the cartridge is full of bullets as you see some of the worst effects ever given to any kind of short. It’s not only the black kid who only speaks in words that end in “izzle”, not just the girls without a brain or any kind of consideration, and not even the angry newly born killer, ready with his weapons.

It’s the polarizing effect, which happens briefly twice. There’s unnecessary black-and-white footage that equals nothing in the alleged story. And a horrible slow-motion effect causes blurriness that seals the overly amateurish nature of this. Ironically, the teen killer (Shane Ryan) is named Chucky. No coincidence as this production seems to only know its horror history as far back as the first “Child’s Play” movie. Remember this important piece of wisdom: Friends don’t let friends make movies without knowledge. Unfortunately, it doesn’t count for those who are among friends with the same ambitions who also don’t have some sort of understanding of making films that actually work.

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