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By Phil Hall | October 24, 2011

For years, comic cut-ups have gotten endless laughs by imitating Christopher Walken’s distinctive speech patterns and mannerisms. Walken himself has added fuel to the proverbial fire by exaggerating his own persona via comic recitations of kiddie book and pop song lyrics.

Alex Hyner’s mild short “Talken Like Walken” may be somewhat late to the party – Philip Zlotorynski’s hilarious 2003 short “Walkentalk” got there first. In the Hyner offering, a young student named “Ronald Colman” (no non-film geek under 60 will get that joke) is seeking enrollment at the prestigious Walken Clinic, where he can pursue studies that will enable him to enjoy a career as a professional Christopher Walken imitator.

Yes, all of the Walken eccentricities are here for endless imitation– the odd pronunciations, the curious pauses, the wonderfully weird posing from the “Weapon of Choice” music video, etc. What is missing, though, is a sense of urgency – the short comes across like an amusing idea that could not make the jump from concept to reality.

Or as the man himself famously insisted, it needs more… nah, I’m not going to say that!

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  1. Abe Froman says:

    I’m pretty sure Talken Like Walken is supposed to be satirical and not actually about impressions. Actually, nobody really does a Walken impression the whole time which I found kinda funny and smart. Walkentalk is good, but obvious. Nothing too original. People who think they saw impressions in this one are not watching or listening carefully. At least this one thinks outside the box.

  2. WALKENTALK says:

    This short is disappointing in many ways, not the least of which is that the impressions are embarrassing. Try WALKENTALK, the original and ultimate Walken tribute film from 2003. Nobody beats Neil Hopkins. Nobody!

  3. steve jacobson says:

    Why not Christopher Walken for President what a wonderful candidate he would make……

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