By Mark Bell | October 17, 2010

It’s a normal day in the country for a mother and daughter until an Asian stranger comes calling. He first cons his way into the house, then holds the family hostage at gunpoint while he awaits the return of the husband and father.

By being a tale of revenge and the sins of the father, “Takeo” doesn’t break much new ground. In fact, I’d argue it doesn’t really show us anything we haven’t already seen somewhere; this could’ve been part of a “Law & Order” episode, for example. That said, the film looks really good, the acting is more than sufficient, and even though we can guess where things are heading, the predictability doesn’t take too much away from the film. Still, this isn’t exceptional, it’s just conventional. If anything, this short shows that the filmmakers know how to handle themselves on the technical side of things, and perhaps with a more original story, they could make something to talk about.

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