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By Felix Vasquez Jr. | September 30, 2007

I discovered this here, as they’ve now discovered a large corporation website called Tagruato which drills in the deep sea:

“We regard ourselves as explorers, and believe there is much more our planet has to offer than has already been discovered. We view every challenge as an opportunity for innovation. With our groundbreaking deep-sea drilling technology, Tagruato has positioned itself to become a world leader in energy resources, medical research, advanced technology production, and consumable product.”

And further proof to the suspicion that this is a website amidst the ring of sites that JJ Abrams hinted to out there right now:

I’ve yet to properly examine these websites except, but Abrams and co. continue heavily allude that this monster or monsters, will be from the deep sea, and not just some sea animal like a whale or a fish, but something truly more heinous and unusual.


YMR is a genetic research firm specializing in deep sea bioprospecting.

YMR is a genetic research firm specializing in deep sea bioprospecting. YMR implements Tagruato’s advanced exploration technology to study extremophiles found only in the deepest parts of our oceans. The understanding of such organisms that thrive in conditions of extreme pressure, temperature, and toxicity has boundless pharmaceutical and industrial promise.

We explore cold seeps and seamounts, where species diversity is known to be as high a 1,000 per square meter. Hidden among these deep sea ecosystems is the potential for medical advancements that will contribute to the future well-being of mankind. YMR doctors are currently developing marine biotechnology drugs that may one day be used as anti-cancer, antioxidant, antibiotic, and anti-malaria.

Treatment applications for Alzheimer’s disease, cystic fibrosis, and herpes are also under consideration. Our hope and our belief is that the work being done at YMR will prove to be the key to a cure for the diseases that have plagued mankind for centuries.



Created by Tagruato C.E.O. Ganu Yoshida, Slusho! brand happy drink is a icy cool beverage that is rapidly becoming one of the company’s most profitable expenditures. Slusho! contains a “special ingredient” that customers can’t get enough of. Bearing the slogan, “You can’t drink just six!”, Slusho! has grown to the second most popular frozen drink in all Asian markets.

Hip adult drinkers have begun concocting deliciously intoxicating alcoholic mix drinks starring Slusho! The beverage’s popularity has spawned overwhelming sales of brand apparel, a hit theme song, and coming soon: an animated television show starring the Slusho! Flavor Droids! The next step is to introduce Slusho! to the rest of the world.

A search is on for top marketing professionals who will be tasked with duplicating the drink’s Asian popularity in the Western market. Our aspiration is to one day place Slusho! dispensers in every convenience store and mini mart. Slusho zoom!


Bold Futura is the contractor sector of our company principally engaged in the conception, design, manufacture and integration of advanced technology products. Our engineering technology is the most superior of its kind. A machine made with Bold Futura parts works where others fall to pieces. A vehicle made with Bold Futura equipment will travel where others cannot reach.

Our unique ability to function in areas of severe temperature or pressure can have desirable implications for our clients. In the past, Bold Futura has partnered with military organizations, space exploration institutions, and arms manufacturers. Confidentiality is the first pillar of Bold Futura.

We keep the identities, orders, and intentions of our patrons strictly to ourselves. If you are interested in partnering with us, email us at the address below. Let’s build a bold future — together!


One of the many byproducts of our Petroleum reservoir is paraffin wax, an alkane with dozens of handy uses in your day to day life! Edible, malleable, colorable, and a fine electrical insulator. ParafFun! Wax Distributors meets all your wax needs.

Making shiny candles? ParafFun!

Sealing a jar? ParafFun!
Coating your hard cheeses? ParafFun!
Gripping your surfboard? ParafFun!
Creating paintballs? ParafFun!
Preparing specimens for histology? ParafFun!
Coating your waxed paper? ParafFun!
Propelling your hybrid rocket motors? ParafFun!
Improved bowel movement? ParafFun!
Lighting your camping lantern? ParafFun!
Testing samples in infrared spectroscopy? ParafFun!
Moderating neutrons? ParafFun!
Making a box of crayons? ParafFun!

ParafFun! Rewax, it’s ParafFun!

Abrams has constantly hinted it’s a monster we’ve never seen before, and these constant peaks into deep sea drilling, Slusho coming from deep in the water, sea animals appearing on, and the latest picture on 1-18-08 explaining a recipe for a cold dish that also includes sea bottom crabs, it’s quite an interesting development. If Abrams is intending this beast/s to be a deep sea monstrosity, it’s hopefully something that we’ve never seen in a film before.

The continued allusion is that this monster will have been something small that grew from these experiments as a man made beast that was once dormant:

A Day in the Life of a YMR Doctor:

“At work, samples excavated from the ocean floor are brought back to the lab and spread out on a Petri dish containing some ‘media’: Nutrients for growth that are combined with agar to form a solid surface! Bacteria that were present in the samples will then grow on the dish, forming a ‘colony’: Generally a small circle of billions of cells that all started from a single cell/spore in the sample!”

The developments continue on “The Cloverfield Investigation,” as anticipation continues to build for what will hopefully be a fantastic monster film.

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  1. misterwolfe says:

    The japanese characters mentioned in the website are Ko No Te. It means “This hand”. whatever that’s supposed to mean.

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