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By Eric Campos | December 11, 2003

This digitally animated short starts off like a Joel-Peter Witkin wet dream as the viewer is pulled through a yellowish cloud of grain, the shade of yellow a dead body can be known to take, complimented by a dreary organ tune that crackles and pops like an old recording getting ready to turn into dust right there on the turntable. Finally, we see a couple of naked bodies writhing about a chamber. The picture becomes clearer and the dreary tune changes to a tribal beat as the bodies begin a snakelike dance as they lash out at each other, not in a violent manner, but more like getting’ to know ya love taps.
I’ve bitched and moaned plenty on this site about how I dislike the look of a computer generated human, but “Synchronicity” proves as an exception. This is because these hairless and sinewy human figures look like alien beings in the way they carry on in their slithery performance. Very impressive. A pure feast.

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