So things got crazy, or you felt like slacking, and you let th early SXSW deadline of [ November 15th, 2000 ] just coast on by. Now, you’re riddled with guilt and anxiety wondering if all is lost. Fortuneately, the good people of SXSW feel your pain and have an extended film entry deadline of [ December 8th, 2000 ] for all of the last-minute hopefuls out there, and the actual film/music/media monster event rears its head from [ March 9th ] through [ March 18th, 2001 ] .
SXSW only accepts works that were completed in the 2000 calendar year (or projects that will wrap in 2001) for consideration, and they also kindly request that all works, regardless of format, be sent in video form for their perusal. For the rest of the skinny on SXSW, including all entry details and a downloadable form, see the [ SXSW Film site. ]

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