The 2007 SXSW “Grindhouse” Trailer Contest came to an end today during Robert Rodriguez’s “Grindhouse 101” panel, with “Hobo with a Shotgun” taking home top prize. During the panel, hosted by AICN’s Harry Knowles, Rodriguez dropped a few interesting nuggets about the upcoming “Grindhouse” release, including:

– The film has not screened for the MPAA yet. When it does, if it requires work to get an R-rating, the necessary splices will be done dirty, to appear as if a projectionist had doctored the print in-house.
– The film will start with a trailer, to be mixed in with normal theatrical trailer pre-roll, so people will be thrust into it suddenly.
– Rodriguez shot digital, with digital FX to make it look more like film, while Tarantino shot film, which is being put through an aging process.
– “Planet Terror” will lack the necessary pre-final reel exposition, as Rodriquez is using a “Reel Missing” marker instead, which will then jump directly to the finale. No boring explanations, just action!
– The trailer for the film “Machete” is more than just a fake trailer! The film will be made straight-for-DVD.

Rodriguez also showed a clip from the film, which he stated was after the “Reel Missing” part, where the main characters are all loaded up in their vehicles and prepared to escape the looming zombie crowd. As the heroes race down the road (with Freddy Rodriguez on a mini-scooter), they kill numerous zombies by running them down with a pick-up (to which the zombies explode upon impact). All is well and good, until one of the heroes’ dog falls out of the car and also smashes into the pick-up, exploding all over the place. Sick, cruel and over-the-top briliant!

The panel ended with a screening of the fake trailer created by Eli Roth, a trailer that most likely will not sneak by the MPAA. A slasher film based around the Thanksgiving holiday, Eli Roth’s “Thanksgiving” includes the following awesome, and likely MPAA unacceptable, moments:

– A pilgrim-costumed killer with an axe walks out into a Thanksgiving Day parade and decapitates a guy in a turkey costume.
– A cheerleader is bouncing naked on a trampoline, and right before she does a full-on split, the killer’s knife jabs through the bottom of the trampoline, likely impaling her via vagina.
– Out in the woods, a girl is going down on her boyfriend in the frontseat of their car, and when she reaches up to touch his face, she finds his bloody, post-decapitation stump.
– Same girl later on, still in the woods, runs into a guy, who claims all will be fine, as he’s there to protect her. They kiss, she closes her eyes, and when she reaches up to touch his hair, his head fals off his neck.
– Family chained up around a dinner table, with a cloth covering the main course. The cloth is pulled off, revealing a stuffed-turkey looking women, with stuffing in her, uh, you know.
– Final image is of the killer f*****g the upper part of a decapitated body (meaning, the bloody bust end while the head flaps).

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