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By Film Threat Staff | March 14, 2001

The South by Southwest (SXSW) Film Conference and Festival is proud to announce the winners of the film festival competition. Winners were announced Tuesday, March 13 at the Paramount Theatre.
JURY COMPETITION ^ Documentary Feature: ^ Winner: Hybrid ^ Director/Producer: Monteith McCollum
Runners Up: Okie Noodling ^ Director/Producer: Bradley Beesley
Amato: A Love Affair With Opera ^ Director/Producer: Steven Ives
Narrative Feature: ^ Winner: Low Self Esteem Girl ^ Director/Screenwriter/Producer: Blaine Thurier
Runners Up: The Zeros ^ Director/Producer/Screenwriter: John Ryman
Narrative Short: ^ Winner: Helicopter ^ Director/Screenwriter: Ari Gold ^Producer: Sarah Bassine, Ari Gold
Runners Up: Cleave ^ Director/Producer/Screenwriter: Hollie Lavenstein ^ Delusions in Modern Primitivism ^ Director/Producer/Screenwriter: Daniel Loflin
Documentary Short: ^ Winner: Atomic Ed and The Black Hole ^ Director/Producer: Ellen Spiro
Runners Up: Hotel Hidajet ^ Director: Kelly Nathe ^ Producer: Michele Lepsche
Experimental Short: ^ Winner: Insect ^ Director/Producer/Screenwriter: Julian Dahl
Runners Up: Thermostat ^ Director/Producer/Screenwriter: Kevin Everson
Animated Short: ^ Winner: Sub! ^ Director/Producer: Jesse Schmal
Runners Up: Ramblin Man ^ Director/Producer/Screenwriter: Aaron Augenblick
Music Video: ^ Winner: St. Etienne, How We Used to Live ^ Director: Mikey Tomkins ^ Producer: Steve Roland
Runners Up: Samiam, Mud Hill ^ Director: Darren Doane
AUDIENCE AWARDS ^ Narrative Feature: The Zeros ^ Director/Producer/Screenwriter: John Ryman
Narrative First Film: The Journeyman ^ Director/Screenwriter : James Crowley ^ Producer: Brunson Green
Documentary: Okie Noodling ^ Director/Producer: Bradley Beesley
Documentary First Film: Los Trabajadores (The Workers) ^ Director/Producer: Heather Courtney
International Film: Tillsammans (Together) ^ Director/Screenwriter: Lukas Moodysson ^ Producer: Lars Jonsson
Midnight Film – Three way tie: Super Troopers ^ Director: Jay Chandrasekhar ^ Producer: Richard Perello ^ Screenwriter: Broken Lizard
Wave Twisters ^ Director: Syd Haron, Eric Henry ^ Screenwriter/Producer/Music: DJ Qbert
Ladyporn ^ Directors/Screenwriter/Producer: Maggie Carey, Elena Carr

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