By Admin | February 10, 2002

Normally the image of a little boy hanging himself would be regarded as one of the most depressing acts ever committed to film, but in “Sweet Dreams”, it’s a breath of fresh air.
This Russian short drops us into the cold black and white world of a little boy whose life is pretty uneventful except for the vicious beatings he catches from his folks. Between beatings, the boy retreats to his fantasy world, the only thing that has the ability to bring a smile to his bruised face. After catching a severe beating from his mother, the boy decides to try and join his fantasies.
The reason that this boy has to commit suicide is far more depressing than the actual suicide itself. Like I said, it’s a relief to know that nobody will ever be able to hurt this boy again. Films like this make me wish I was some kinda superhero, so that I could just wander about and kick the s**t out of people that beat their kids.

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