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By Brad Laidman | June 18, 2001

“Sway” is an effectively filmed short feature meant to raise the public’s awareness of Cystic Fibrosis. In it, Robert Pierce magnetically reveals the anguish associated with hereditary diseases as a father who has to decide whether to hospitalize his son, who would rather give up than risk the ugliness of his mother’s doomed attempt at fighting the disease. Sway doesn’t really have time to teach you much about the disease other than the fact that it makes breathing difficult and often results in painful, unpleasant and unsuccessful hospitalized attempts to fight it’s grip, but it emotionally makes you wish that you knew more about its subject. It’s hard in these days of disease of the week TV movies to grab one’s attention, but Sway’s fourteen minutes made me wish there were more of it to take in. A short feature that deserves a long form retelling.

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