By Film Threat Staff | June 23, 2000

Supersphere is proud to present our first annual 15 FPS Film Festival. We plan to bring you some of the finest in short film wonderment within the next few months. Movies that run the gamut in short film execution, from digital video to 35-millimeter film, from 2 minutes to 20, from 5minutes to 50, from Christian societal analysis to hard core pornography(well maybe not), and more then likely, from good to bad to probably inexcusably bad.
Of course, for this to work, we need you, the filmmaking, Internet love children to give us your wares, give us your dreams, give us your blood, sweat and tears, by God!
You’ve got about six weeks to get us your movie, so we can motivate all those nice, rabid film critics out there to sink their shark teeth into your work and pass, what will undoubtedly be, a judgment you do not agree with. But hey, if you manage to get some of their good graces (if they have any), you’re either gonna win $500 or a DV Camera! So stop complaining, stop procrastinating, stop hypothesizing about the inevitable bitterness you feel when no one understands your work. Just send it in and let us do the rest. Trust us, you’ll feel so much better about it.
For more info go to [ ] You’ll be glad you did.

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